Production equipment

The advanced automatic production equipment and fine streamlined manufacturing fully display the first-class quality. Direct participation in production by technical experts guarantees the stability and reliability of products. The increasingly enhanced conception of fine products and continuous industrial fine products have brought great changes with each passing day to Jufeng Enterprise. No matter how the world is changing, Jufeng personnel’s clinging spirit to keep improving will never change.

Quality inspection

Quality is the life of the enterprise. This sentence is deeply rooted in the mind of all Jufeng personnel. Through fine equipment, advanced technology and scientific management, Jufeng Enterprise ensures that the whole production process is in strict accordance with the National Class D “Special Equipment Manufacturing License” (No.: TS2232491-2019) and ISO9001 quality system. The parts are strictly inspected from material selection, machining and production, assembly and testing. The whole machine shall pass the reliable performance test that lasts 72 continuous hours.

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