Basic talent concept

Human resources are the first resources for survival and development of Jufeng and the most precious wealth of Jufeng. Contribution is the mark of talents. Those who can create and bring value for our company are talents. We do not ask where the talents come from.

Personnel employment principle

“Three Nos” principle: Those whose value does not conform to corporate value cannot be employed. Those who do not work hard cannot be employed. Those who have no learning ability and communication skills cannot be employed.

Personnel development

By holding the principle of human oriented, our company promotes harmonious development of people and enterprise, focuses on the growth needs of talents, practices the two-track system career development road, improves the assessment system oriented by achievements, establishes the competitive salary and welfare system, provides targeted career training, perfects the competitive and vigorous selection and employment system, strives to select and use the right persons and makes sure to give full play to people’s talents.

Helping you consistently

Contact support personnel

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